BoogaVerse General Discussion
BoogaVerse General Discussion

Welcome to the new General hub discussion for BoogaVerse. We went through a couple of them throughout the years, but this will be a dedicated thread for all BoogaVerse discussions, including clarification, general convo and more. Some members don’t use offsite socials, so this is a suitable place for everyone to be on the same page and get the same news.

April 13th marks the relaunch of BoogaVerse—a much needed rebrand, revamp and reconstruction since its first conception nearly 5 years ago. New players and veteran players will get to experience a brand new BoogaVerse with its original story and characters.

What are the changes, latest updates and other aspect for new and veteran players?


Introducing the Chapter System!

In the relaunch of BoogaVerse, burrowing the system for Reality Vortex, the roleplay will be split into 5 Story threads. 4 of them are considered “main story”, while the fifth one focused on smaller content. The first four will focus on a major region [Empire State, Paradice, Desolate Lands, Shina Ania], while the fifth one can be in any region, depending on the story. Here are all the titles of these story threads we will be using:
  • BoogaVerse ~ Heroes Force ~
  • BoogaVerse ~ Magic Ascension ~
  • BoogaVerse ~ Beast Slayers ~
  • BoogaVerse ~ Kingdom of Gods ~
  • BoogaVerse ~ Great Story ~
All story threads arcs will be categorized as chapters. Once a chapter concludes, it’ll be closed and a new chapter for that story thread will open. Each chapter will feature will either features its own storyline or a continuation of the previous chapter, focused on specific areas in a region with selected playable characters.

Is there a character limit?

For every chapter, you will be limited to 4 characters. If a new chapter is not a continuation of the previous chapter, your characters from the previous chapter cannot appeared in until the next chapter.

Do I have to make an area?

Nope! Area and Space creation has been discontinued. Space Areas are removed entirely until further notice.

Do I have to know the previous stuff from the old BoogaVerse?

Nope! The relaunch of BoogaVerse is intended as a literal fresh start. Elements will be revised, revamped, retconned and rebooted to ensure the new vision of the roleplay. All you need is the summary of the White Space Event below and the relaunch is 6 months after that. All story arcs and elements before that will be concluded offscreen, delayed or vice versa during the 6 months.

Is there a summary for White Space Event?

Summary: Shine fell into corruption after conducting experiments with energy. His soul blackened by dark energy, he managed to perfect it, turning into Negative Energy. Becoming Negative as the process, the mad mage went on a rampage against the world to swallow it in darkness under the supposed guidance of Viegan. He’d gathered multiple tools, leaving carnage in his wake, such as his attack in Sisterhood and summoning a dangerous being in Port Graham, in order to awakened Retcon Dragon, the strongest of the Dragon Guardians. His goal was to erase the entirely of BoogaVerse and reshaped it in his own image—a world filled with chaos. He succeeded such goal. Trapping the inhabitants of Booga into the world entirely nothing but a white void, Negative was one step closer to succeeding his goal. However, the inhabitants of Booga stand together and defeat the mad mage; separating Negative from Shine and banishing him to Reality Vortex.

The creators of the world came forth to erased Shine, seeing him as a threat to the world. However, due to the persuasion of Z and the inhabitants of Booga, they spared his life and restored the world to its natural state but warned that the damage done from the Retcon’s ability is now permanent and things will change in the future. “Brace for the future, you will have a long, hard journey.” It has been 6 months since this event.

What happens to all the Guilds?

All guilds, excluding Heroes Forces, have merged into one guild known as Beast Slayers. They hunt down celestial entities known as Shadows; Dark Energy manifested as intelligent creatures.

What about the lore? 

Everything about the lore will be updated and revamp for the relaunch. The Super Guide will be reduced in size for a more simplified version and ensure players to create their characters in an efficient manner. This does mean that revision on character threads might be in order, hence why I'm giving everyone 11 days to do so before the relaunch. You can check out the updated and improved BoogaVerse Informative Guide!
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With the relaunch of BoogaVerse on the 14th, rather than the 13th (due to commitments), we will be releasing two threads as testing grounds to see any improvements, revision, and additions in future chapters. The other story threads will gradually be added overtime as we explore the first chapters of the Beast Hunters and Magic Ascension.

Few things that you guys might notice:

Each chapter thread as a unique and informative guideline. This includes a preface/summation of the story so far—along with background information, key rules, information links, premise, and focus areas. These will be presented in all chapter threads in the first post. It will let players know that the chapter is mainly focus on and make their decision on whether or not they want to join in. Of course, if you do not have a character that is not fit there—do not worry, future chapters (and other story threads) will present an opportunity for your characters to shine.

Focus areas is another thing I want to highlight on. To compensate downsizing BoogaVerse to story threads, each chapter will feature areas that will be the main focus. Meaning, all areas listed in the chapter will be the only areas we will be exploring. We will not be exploring any other areas in that chapter. This will give more details, add more to the lore and reasonable absorption of new scenery and such.

As a reminder, you are allowed to make new characters you want to appear in the chapter. Just know that you need to follow the informative guide to build your characters properly! And if you have a character that you want to appear, but are confused about its inclusion, please ask away so we can talk about it!

I will be checking character box threads and update you that areas needs improved or additions! Check the character box guide and make comparisons to see where you need to update. You can use my Character Box thread as an example of what it looks like.

With that said, let us push BoogaVerse to new heights that was hold back from the previous system! I’m really excited to see how we can take this!
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