Beast Hunters - Chapter 001: Shadows
"Aw, c'mon now, it ain't that bad being with me. Besides, we have to work together in order to save this town from those ugly goblins." Blazrin nodded to Vala and her suggestion. "Your friend has a point. Burning these flowers could definitely bring out those critters from hiding. I can use a little bit of fire magic but I'll leave the spells to your girlfriend. I can withstand the heat tho'! So I should be okay in the middle chopping those goblins apart."

Blazrin reached out behind him and placed the small backpack near Vala as he unsheathed his huge axe from his back. He held it above the two easily with one arm and gave them a cocky smile.

"I'm okay standing inside the ring of fire or near the exit to pick off any runners. I'll make sure none escape my axe or your spells. Oh, by the way!" Blazrin pointed to the backpack. "Just in case things get hairy, I packed some nifty tool you can use."
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“You got it mate!” Jack rushed over towards the trees. “Damn beast won’t know what hit’em.”


“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea Vala—” Excalik paused for a second. “Huh? Don’t say things out of nowhere.” He protested when Blazrin declared Vala as his girlfriend, with a slight blush. “You stay in that circle, and I’ll provide cover of your behind, yack. Unlike you, I’m pretty fast. Physically and mentally.” He turned to Vala. “Let’s make that happen. If the Monster Hunter said is true, then those buffoons will come running to see what’s up.” 


Monster Hunter and Bronson approached the town, and the scent is even worse than before. They were several areas of dedicated spots for Goblins to expel their bowels, out in the open and the like. “Filthy beasts. Their scent leaves with disgust… and deep hatred to have them slaughtered like pigs.” Monster Hunter uttered, noticing a few scouts were speaking to one another. “Seems like they’re making a transition with another pair. That’ll give us time to start the burning, Sir Bronson?”
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