Magic Ascension - Chapter 001: Suppression
Vox says "I trust we have the stander away of potions and magical gear." 

Vox says to Bob "that to be expected given what happened in that fight."

Vox says "If Asuza dos not wish to speak about that we shooed not force her."
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"It's true that we're sisters," Asuza said, staring up at the ceiling idly. "But I haven't been home in a long while, so I can't really tell you what's changed and what's stayed the same. She wasn't old enough to understand why I left, so I've been told not to see her at all. Only our mother is allowed. Okawa thinks that me being there while she's awake after so long could tip her over." She crossed her arms and sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose.

"But I wasn't expecting to come home to this... at least I have you guys to help. If anything, I'd rather be anywhere than dealing with the rest of the family, since we weren't on good terms when I left. I'll be fine, it's my sister we need to worry about more." Asuza tried to smile, but it looked forced. "So if we're going to be sticking around here for a while, I may as well get stronger too. I didn't forget about your offer last time we met--" She turned to Tort with an intense glint in her eyes. "It's still on the table, right?"

"What are we gonna do now?" Olivia asked, following Okawa with Aquario to the floor which had the room Magiana was being kept in.

"Considering we have to escort Magiana to our little researcher, it means we'll have to have her be awake. But I can't say for sure how well she'd react to seeing her sister come back after such a long absence from the home," Okawa replied, keeping her voice low. "So for the time being, I don't want them to feel any sort of distress due to tensions in the family."

Olivia blinked in surprise. "Oh... they're sisters? I guess the hair should've clued me into that. But it's not like we can just make them forget about each other or something."

"No, but we can try something like it." She answered. "We only need to alter Magiana's memories a bit so that won't be a problem."

"Alter her memory? Like amnesia? Is that something you guys can really do?" Olivia asked, sweating a bit at the idea.
"Alter her memories..." Aquario frowned slightly. "I suppose we can, I only hope this will not harm Magiana in some way. How do you suggest we do that though? We would have to combine our magic or ask Grand Master Z for some sort of item to help contain Magiana's memories."

Man, I wish I can help 'Suza some more... wait, hang on! There's something we need to answer.

"Hey, mom!" Nicori called out. "Why did I grow so big? I mean... I'm huge! I thought I'd grow as normal people do."

Z was slowly nodding off from how tired she was until Nicori caught her attention.

"Oh, yes~ You grew substantially thanks to the adventures 'Suza and your friends gave you~ Your horns will have ridges to show how much you've learned~ I believe you are in your second stage of life, something known as a 'teenager'~ The more you learn, the wiser you will become and thus activate a sudden growth in your body~ It is rather odd...~" Z smiled. "But you grew very tall thanks to the love from 'Suza and her friends~ It appears that they took care of you very well despite being such a troublemaker~"

"Hey, I'm not that bad."

"I beg to differ, Nicori~ If you plan to go on this adventure with 'Suza and her group, I expect you to be on your best behavior~ Please do not burden 'Suza with your silly pranks in such an important mission~"
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“So Nicor isn’t a human… well, that is to expect.” Ballows thought to herself when Z was explaining his rapid growth. “He doesn’t seem to come from the same place as Black Shadow—so perhaps Z pick him up somewhere?” 

“Ah, family issues.” Bob responded after listening to Asuza's thoughts of her own family. “Well, I won’t touch anything that since the last time I seen my family was centuries ago. I should pay a visit though. Offer?”

“Ah... unsupportive Family… just like me, huehuehue…” Liza cackle oddly. “Don’t you remember…? Tort formally asked us to speak with him, well, Asuza, for some magical training. Of course, that was the day Negative came, and lay ruin around here.” 

“Oh. Uh, yeah.” Bob sweated a bit, while maintaining his plain face, turning to Vox. “Yeah, I guess that fight really traumatized her.” 

Tort nodded. “Yes. I still curious about your magical ability—nothing like I seen with the rest of the mages that are affiliated with our school of magic. I am rather curious to see the growth you become once your hardness that strength.”
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Vox says after hearing Asuza's thoughts on family "I don't think I will be much help." Vox thinks "Mine family saturation is a bit odd. Being the fact that my mind and body dos have a slight disconnect on that topic."
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"It won't be a permanent one since I'll simply be programming the amnesia. But that section of memory I remove can't be lost to the void, so we will need some kind of container for safe storage." Okawa said to Aquario. "Which needn't be any inconvenience for the Grand Master to conjure up. Though she is quite flighty... it would be ideal for you to keep it in your own space seeing as you are her mentor."

"It'd be a good idea to keep her asleep too... if she wakes up, it would be a bit of a startle," Olivia thought aloud. "I'll be on standby to use Suppression just in case, since my use of magic is a bit limited."

"You leave the rest to me and Aquario. I'll do the memory program, and you keep her dreaming so she feels no need to awaken." Okawa suggested.

"I don't expect to patch anything up with my family besides my sis, anyway. But we've been through plenty together in a short span of time, so I can count on our teamwork to see this thing through. Wouldn't want it any other way." Asuza felt kinship with them, but knew that they were still rather mysterious acquaintances with each other. There was also a burning sense of vengeance she had within her-- after One Eye and Iceik's 'deaths', now Magiana's soul under hostage, there was nothing left in her but to become stronger. Revenge was the only fuel that supplied her will to fight. "But self-taught magic can only take me so far. If I want to be really useful... I have to get stronger." She tapped her fingernails impatiently on the table, restless in her trance of self-hatred for being powerless. "I don't want to lose anyone before my eyes anymore."
"Very well, I'll keep a special tab on her memories," Aquario nodded. "I recently made a special vial to hold in any sort of valuables. It will turn her memories to water which I am more fluent in controlling anyway." 

The mage frowned as his gaze lowered to the floor. 

"Let's just keep her safe. I don't want anything else to happen to her," She shook his head, trying to keep his usual composure. "I'm sure we'll get through this. But hang on, if Magiana remains asleep thanks to Olivia's Suppression spell, who will carry her? ...Unless we can provoke sleepwalking from her."

"You won't lose me, that's for sure! I learned my lesson, 'Suza. Stick close and don't talk to strangers." Nicori said proudly. "And if you wanna get stronger, you can't keep doubting yourself 'Suza. C'mon, chin up."

"Nicori has a point 'Suza, self-pity will give you no strength for the journey ahead~ I may not understand the emotions you have, but I understand this journey weighs heavily on your shoulders~"

"Can you give us cool weapons for this journey mom? How about giving 'Suza a super cool wand or staff? Maybe it'll make her stronger?"

"Strength is not valued by how much damage one can induce but rather how one overcomes difficulties~" Z said. "I am sure 'Suza will be just fine with you and the others to support her~ After all, it was mighty brave of your group to enter Los Demonois the way you did~ Many people would think twice before entering that city~ Yes, yes~ The way 'Suza lead the group through dangerous territory in disguise to find my little Nicori~"

"Wait... how do you know that---"

"Anywho, I'm sure the others will return soon~ I suggest you use this time to use my portal to get any sort of potions and vials you need~ Weapons are also included~ Tort and Ballows are going to storm me with papers soon, so I best prepare for a long day...~"
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As the others are discussing among themselves freely on Asuza’s comments on getting stronger, Tort, himself, seen something much deeper than that. “That’s it.” He spoke to the young woman. “That’s the fire I understand. As the others doubts, I know that feeling of helplessness, and the anger you feel when you cannot save the ones you care about.” 

Tort dig into his right pocket and toss Asuza an particular item. “The fact that you were able to teach yourself magic is an extraordinary feat itself—not a lot of people can boast the amount of skills you displayed on your own. However, I must make a warning. You are harboring a hatred that dwells in your heart. Which is why I personally ask my colleagues to add you to this mission. I want you to analyze and observed Okawa and other advanced magic and see their ability firsthand. Think of it as prerequisites before we start the actual training.”

“You seems to be quite interested in Asuza, Tort. You often don’t care about training other people.” Ballows said.

“She’s a fire-based mage such as I, and the way she carries herself reminds me of myself when I was younger. Asuza has potential.” Tort responded. He turns to Asuza once more. “That item I toss you is a powerful tool of magic that gives you access to more spells—this is depended on your emotions. When you remain calm, you have near unlimited access—but when you succumb to rage, skills become limited, but in exchange, far more powerful skills are available. However, whether you can handle that high level of skill, depends on you handling your rage.” 

Bob rubbed his chin curiously. “An interesting item…” He whispered. “Wonder how much that’s worth.”

Liza, as the others were discussing, look inside the portal to see any interesting items she can take. “Hehehehe, nothing in  valuable to take for right now. We probably don’t need to do much since we’re just escorting… unless we get ambush or get kill along the way, hehehehe… Am I right, Vox?"
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Vox says "In terms of what offered I do agree but they do expect us to face some form of combat. This is a chance for those to in our group to get basic potions."
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"Sleepwalking might encourage the Queen to take over, but there shouldn't be any issue upon waking her up after I finish the memory alteration spell. Theoretically, anyway," Okawa said, taking her wand out from the sleeve of her robe and placing her hand on the doorknob. "We can test out how well it worked since it's about time for her meal."

Slowly opening the door, she ushered Aquario and Olivia inside the room. Off to the corner was a lone bed occupied by Magiana, asleep without even stirring at the sound of footsteps. Despite her sleeping for extensive periods of time, there were dark circles under her eyes. She seemed deep in sleep, looking deeply troubled about something. Occasionally she'd mutter something unintelligible.

"Alright, just hold her hand and stay close to her." Okawa whispered to Olivia, who knelt by the bed and gently took hold of Magiana's dainty hand in her glove. Ensuring it didn't startle the girl, Olivia turned to the adults and nodded for them to proceed. 

"Sounds like she might be having a nightmare..."

"Perfect chance to make our move. A nice dream ought to calm her down, Aquario." Okawa looked at him with a smile for assurance that they'd be able to pull the procedure off safely as possible. Focusing, she began to conjure something in her free hand using the wand, forming a translucent pair of scissors in her hand that had the same strange ghostly glint as her familiar. "Sayer, keep watch over us the entire time, alright?"

Her raven perched himself over Magiana's headboard, spreading his wings before standing still as a statue.

Asuza examined Tort's item with a curious eye. "So it's one big test of me keeping my temper or not and seeing how I fare either way. Aright, that sounds straightforward enough. But it's not for sale!" She pocketed the item and began reaching into the portal for a few vials to help with stamina and health. "Magician Square's fairly safe enough, but we just can't wander too far away. It seems to have a pattern for attracting suspicious characters on its outskirts," she mentioned to the group. "Well, we'll be plenty strong in numbers too so as long as we stick to Point A and Point B, it should be a walk in the park. It isn't like we'll be going to an abandoned forest or something creepy like that. Hopefully."

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