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Super Redraw Mayhem - Screenshots 2
Super Redraw Challenge is a special edition of the Redraw Challenge--where you are task of picking your own content to redraw based on the information and instructions below.

Once you complete your piece, post it in the thread to enter. You will only have 17 days (ending on July 15th on 12AM PDT) to submit it. There will be no extension, so get it done by that date. You can use anything in your disposal for this challenge to create your piece. If you're using digital drawing, make sure your work has an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1920x1080, 3840x2160, etc.). If you're using traditional work, you can deviate from the aspect ratio. Please use IMGUR as a photo hosting place for posting your artwork.

We're spicing up the Super Redraw Challenge into a mayhem to test your ability! Below are 12 different screenshots you can pick from, and we are challenging you to at least do 3 of them before July 15th! Are you up for the challenge!?

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[Image: JVqTWoz.png]

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Threw one together in less than 25 minutes so i atleast participated xD
Its the sailor moon one, idk the character tho
[Image: A525k87.png]
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Another one done! I went with the Beatrice one!

[Image: A525k87.png]
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