The Reality Vortex: Red Reputations
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The Reality Vortex

Listen closely! It's a new "beginning"
Why do you think this age is testing us?

Power is awakened in an unknown area
Unleash the light, aim for the ultimate level!
We will all clear a series of trials
And overcome what we are now

Forward down the path of distress!
Believe in infinite evolution
And fight!

So all I can do
And all you can do
Is take off and transform
Turn all the scars left on your body into marks of pride
Now all I can do
And all you can do
Is battle on and transform
Down the road of evolution
Touch and go!

Premise: The Breakers, now with new purpose, must lived with the consequences of their reckless actions and redeem themselves in the eyes of the public. The city utterly abandoned with no chance to being rebuild, Spina must lead the group to explore other parts of the world and rebuild the Breakers’ name. They will encountered new characters, new enemies and then some; however, lurking underneath, a rising force is currently in operation, and sought to dominate the entire Vortex.

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Previous Chapters: Doom Arc - New Roads Arc 

Key Rules
  • Clauses are now ACTIVE. Review General Discussion for the clauses.
  • The Breakers are the main characters of this story.
  • You are only allowed to have 4 characters to play at once.
  • You can have one character shift from Main Role to Supporting Role. 
  • You can have a character leave for a period of time.
  • All rules from character’s original worlds do not exist in Reality Vortex.
  • Death is not possible in Reality Vortex. If a character’s body is completely destroyed, they will turn into Vortex Coins.
  • Only one character has the power to erased beings—and that belongs to the Voice. If the Voice erases you, this is a permanent death.
  • Do not metagame or end things quickly.
Rules are subject to change in the future
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“Hello everyone, welcome to our daily news broadcast on the Reality News Network. I am Stacey, and this is my partner, Chad.” Chad waved his hand after Stacey introduced him to the audience watching from their homes. “It has been nearly a week since Reality Metropolis have fell victim to the ruthless destruction caused by Gogeta and Bernkastel’s battle. Businesses, schools and other important factions have dropped everything they had and went elsewhere.”

“In addition, the people living there had also largely abandoned the city with no interest of returning home.” Chad added onto Stacey’s commentary. “It was no longer safe for the people to continue living in the city when the Breakers have committed reckless behaviors. And especially comments like these—warning, comments and the destructive may not be suitable for younger viewers. Please be advise.”

A video footage captured in several moments by nearby residents on their cellular phones, including footage caught by Stacey and Chad on the scene. It shows Gogeta and Bernkastel fighting against Ultraman:

[Video Footage]

"You wanna save these people, then you have to go through me! I'm the real villain!"


[Video Footage]

“Truly shocking.” Stacey said. “And because of those repeated actions, they have dubbed Gogeta and Bernkastel as the Blue Devils. They made be powerful, but their actions earned their group a different title, and spread across other cities to be absolutely weary of the group in case they start to come to their city at some point.”

“We like to remind our viewers that our organization are not tied to any profits. We are a non-profit organization that seeks to bring news to the people in this strange, unpredictable world. We have no interest in monetary value.” Chad clarified the position of the RNN. “You will notice a few slanderous commentaries against us. We have not, and did not, received any kind of information nor items.”

Stacey nodded. “With that said, we are offering support to ensure newcomers that decide to come to Reflection City financial assistance, and we will continue to report any activity. Now, for the other news, we received strange reports of—” The news broadcast was cut off by Spina, visibly annoyed by the contents of the channel.

Spending several days at Cross’ Mansion, the Breakers have gained their sufficient rest, especially after battling against the Coin Hunter, the threat from Detective Goku, and Cuki snapping at them. Figure that it would best to provide at least a couple of days for things to cool down, Spina got up from the couch and headed outside. 

“Let’s go home.” Spina uttered, his expression still remained serious and firm, the position he held when he confronted Cuki and the eventual slap. The old Saiyan figure that she will simply returned back to the apartment since there isn’t a lot of places she can go, and majority of Metropolis had turned into scorched battleground. Spina kept to himself and didn’t interact with the others for a while after making declaration about the new changes that the group will undertake. Not waiting for a response from the others, Spina, now fully restored, flown towards the direction of Cuki’s Apartment Complex in rapid speeds. 

“Looks like Spina want to take the long way by flying.” Lucifer noted, still in his baby state as the woman carried him in her arms. “Any others want to fly, or simply teleport over there?”
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Gogeta audibly yawned while he sat on the couch, his bored stare watching the broadcast on the television. The fusion showed zero change in emotion at the RNN broadcast; his eyes mostly off to the side in thought while the news report heavily focused on damning him for his actions.

He glanced around for a brief moment, sighing lightly as he rose up out of his seat and walking towards Lucifer.

"Yeah...teleporting would be nice. Let's go!"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Bernkastel had taken to looking out one of the mansion's windows while the television played in the background, though her expression didn't change. After several says of nearly comatose-like sleep, she was able to revert her form but her expression remained somewhere between neutral and somber. She hadn't moved from the window until hearing the others chime in, taking her out of whatever she had been thinking about. 

"Teleporting is easier." Her arms were crossed as she added to the congregation, but her gaze would move off toward the wall or the floor before consciously pulling it away. Absentmindedly, she would rub the side of her neck as she spaced out, wincing from touching the yellowed bruises on it. Just as quickly, she buttoned the collar all the way up.

"Hey... where is Whis? Did he leave already?"
The only time the others seen Cross was the day after but after the morning he was out taking care of other oblations. Cross thinks "Odds are the others are heading to Cuki's place."  Wend the others appear in the apartment this will be the first time since the morning after they seen Cross. (I hope this works)
I will fine one later
Brachi and Bara, both fully restored as well, also prepared to return to Cuki's apartment thanks to Brachi using Instant Transmission.

Bara still showed her puppy-dog eyes to Brachi, having seen her still in a rather down mood, with Brachi smiling at Bara.

"I'll be fine, I just need a bit more time..." She said.
[The above two posts need to be edit. Don't speed read too quickly; otherwise, you noticed that the Breakers haven't arrived there yet. I did, however, did the work of stating that they arrived before the rest. Don't make it a habit.]

“As you wish…” Lucifer’s hands glow brightly after Gogeta and Bernkastel agreed to teleport to the front of Cuki’s Apartment instead of flying there. Several particles of light formed around the Breakers, instantly warping their bodies. “Teleportation!” The small angel shouted.

They vanished into nothingness, warping from one location to another, arriving in the front yard of the apartment complex. “Phew…” Lucifer said. “We have arrived…” He looks up, noticing that Cross, Brachi and Bara have already arrived beforehand. Hearing that Bernkastel wondered where Whis was, perhaps he arrived here earlier than expected. He looked around, but there were no signs of Spina, indicting the older Saiyan hadn’t arrived yet.

“So, Breakers. How will you approach this situation?” Lucifer asked, specifically staring at Bernkastel with his devilish smile.
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The entire apartment had rebuilt itself while the Breakers were resting in Cross’s manor. Everything seemed very empty and quiet. The uneasy feeling of loneliness consumed the area. There was no one living nearby the apartments since most of them moved out or were killed due to the fighting and the halls were merely whispered echoes of the wind passing by. The walls were covered with graffiti and unsightly drawings of the Breakers and their actions. Despite the ugly nature of the art around them, the entire apartment seemed to be completely clean and tidy, for the most part. Near the front yard where the Breakers landed were several piles of broken furniture, expired food, and extra rubble that didn’t get reused while the apartment rebuilt itself. Most of it was done by one person and there was no doubt as to who it was. From where they stood, they saw the familiar balcony with Spina’s plants all back to where they should be as well as in the small garden he tended to. An awful stench loomed in the air and grew stronger the closer the group was to Cuki’s home unit. The smell matched the dead or ruined foliage that used to surround the complex and trash tossed towards the area from any bystanders. 

On the very front of the complex in plain view for everyone to see was a large slogan that was plastered on with spray paint. It read all over the halls and even on the floor of the yard.

[Image: MbVtHfX.jpg]
"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Bernkastel's cheeks briefly grew hot from indignance watching Lucifer effectively sneer up at her, causing her to scowl. Don't look down on me... I'll show you I don't need any help! Even though she was also somewhat annoyed Spina, took the scenic route, maybe that would be better if he arrived last since he was unpredictable with this type of situation.

"Just stay calm, no violence, that's all there is to it..." Turning towards the door of Cuki's apartment, she forced herself to breathe in a lungful of air, immediately regretting that, before slowly raising an arm. She felt like the eerie silence was a threat that the building would just collapse into a pile if anyone knocked. The trash and graffiti was enough to indicate this, but the atmosphere felt completely unwelcoming, like they all were intruding despite having only been gone a few days at most. It didn't feel like 'their' space anymore...

Do it just like you rehearsed... you're supposed to knock, right?! Yes, I'm pretty sure...

After shaking her head to collect herself, Bernkastel gingerly knocked on the door several times and cleared her throat. "Cuki... it's us. We've come to talk to you in a non-violent manner. May we... come in?"
Brachi wasn't there when the whole argument went down, but first waited to see if Bernie had any luck, while Bara offered to go next as she had not taken part in it herself either.

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