The Reality Vortex: Red Reputations
Zenta landed on the floor close to Spina and Cuki with Bernkastel in tow. 

"I would not worry so much about Mr. Gogeta, Lady Bernkastel," Zenta whispered to the Witch to comfort her. "Sometimes a push is what some people need. Maybe you can teach Cuki a little bit of what you see in the boy since she appears to be a little jealous of a few things, oho~"

Cuki stared at the newcomer, Jize, in confusion and uncertainty. The youngster felt a little uncomfortable about meeting new people but she knew she had to suck it up. She listened to Jizze and realized that she was friends with Brachi and Bara which made her ease up a little in her attitude. As the trio talked, the mention of training and unlocking true potential put Cuki off, making her gaze at the floor. 

True potential, huh..? I... I know I'm strong enough to hold my own weight... Yeah, I'm just as strong as the others.

Cuki shook her head before smiling gently at Jize.

"I appreciate the offer but I already have a Master and I don't plan to change my mind." Cuki said with a hint of insecurity. "I think I rather learn my true potential from someone who knows me best..."

Her attention then switched to her Master as he approached the group and her expression changed from nervous to joyful. She watched Zenta bow his head to Jize and introduce himself as he usually does with every new face.  The young Saiyan counted the people outside and spoke up to Spina.

"I think everyone is out, so uhh, we should get going." Cuki said while not counting Gogeta. She seemed eager to leave without him. "Those robbers aren't going to stop themselves, right?"
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
"I understand, young one," Jize said to Cuki, "don't be shy to come and see me if you still need some pointers regardless."

With that, Brachi, Bara and Jize prepared to depart as well, waiting for the others.
[Inside the Apartment Complex]

The caretaker took control of the remote and browse through hundreds of channels to find anything worth interesting to watch. At the same time, Lucifer had become fixated on Gogeta’s body language; the clear agitation riddle on his back, and the struggle of opening the door.

One bite was enough to completely consumed the lollipop he was regularly eating. “You know, holding that anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Lucifer lead off a small quote towards the fusion—marking yet another rare moment of conversation between the two. “The others reveal their own side of sense of reasoning of the situation; some with scorn, some with acceptance, some with delusions, and some that cannot reason the consequences dealt to them because of arrogance or it contradicts their views on justice. At the end, that’s the beauty of the “human” mind. The freedom where they can make those choices, even the choices that one can disagree with.”

“Whatever you’re about to go, I will fully support it as such. You have that freedom. But know this, that anger will not go away—regardless of others, regardless of the situation, that anger will not leave. It’ll follow you to the ends of the earth, coiling you up like a venomous snake.”

Lucifer placed another lollipop in his mouth. “With that said, whatever you decide is up to you, Gogeta. Self-destructive in your anger or find another outlet to release such. Either or, it will come; and if the past events didn’t affect you, that much, then certainly your discontinuation will lead to results that even you cannot ignore.”

“Oh, there’s an interesting show regarding mythologies.” The caretaker suddenly spoke for the first time, with a soft, feminine voice. It was pleasant, kind, and soft.

“Oh?” Lucifer said. “Let’s watch, I am curious about various mythologies across different universes.”

[Outside of the Apartment Complex]

“I’m quite aware of what a Kaioshin is, Cross. I still not going to extend any faith to a stranger that I don’t know. How the others handle her is up to them, but I won’t be placing any faith on someone I just met solely because someone in our party knows them.” Spina answered, turning to Jize once more.

“Not interested, stranger.” Spina rejected Jize’s offer regarding potential as his eyes darted towards the arrival of Zenta and Bernkastel. “Took you long enough. We have another one that shown up out of the blue—apparently a friend of these two.” Hearing Cuki’s suggestion about leaving, Spina was mere seconds away from blasting off, but he noticed that Gogeta nor Lucifer were not with the duo when they arrived. “Where’s Lucifer and Gogeta?”
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Gogeta had remained still throughout Lucifer's advice, his hand still gripping tightly onto the door. A few moments passed while Lucifer flipped to his channel on mythologies, and slowly, the small hiss of the glass door sliding open rung out in the room. The metal screeched loudly in its unusually slow, methodical opening, with Gogeta stepping out into the open.

The fusion quietly worked to shut the door as slowly as he opened it, almost like a small teenager being careful about sneaking out at night. Yet the care and effort Gogeta showed at maintaining control on the door quickly flew out the window; the man blasting off and absolutely destroying the balcony in a blue dash into the sky. The small blip shined high in the sky; Gogeta's flight path clearly towards the outskirts of Reality Metropolis at nearly blinding speeds.

Outskirts of Reality Metropolis (West)

Gogeta landed within seconds of flight at the ruined streets of the once sprawling metropolis, a small clack ringing out on the floor. His narrowed eyes normally glanced around to check his surroundings, but the man landed with his eyes only slightly towards the street and walked forward, lost within his head once again.

I can't teach you Ultra Instinct but I can teach you the art of self restraint.

Bernkastel's words within the man's mind were the first to resonate, Gogeta's eyes only narrowing slightly.

Anger can be a weapon. If you control it; use it. You clearly cannot.

Whis' curt and flat words were next, as Gogeta's mind filled with the image of the two once more thanks to Lucifer's advice spurring the memory forth. Having met with Whis the night before, Gogeta remembered standing in front of the taller angel in his room, frustrated at the conversation that took place.

Gogeta came to a halt in the center of what was once a busy intersection, his fists clenching together tightly.

"I am ready, Whis. And if you won't teach me, then I'll figure it out myself!"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Cross says as a matter of fact "I not telling you to trust her but pointing out that she low risk. Its not like we cant give her a trail run. This way she can earn our trust."
I will fine one later
Bernkastel's gaze was elsewhere as she followed Zenta to the group, only mustering up a nod with a small hum in affirmation. "I guess so..." She wondered how she'd be able to do that without stretching her own patience thin trying to keep people from lunging at his throat. Maybe it was harder because unlike Whis, she had no prior knowledge of Gogeta or Vegetto's positions in their home world. Instead she had a rather sour image of Saiyans to work with, the male ones in particular. Only glancing in Jize's direction, Bern just bowed her head a bit in greetings.

When Spina inquired about Lucifer and Gogeta, her troubled look ironed itself out to put forth a blunt response, sounding annoyed he got to count himself out on account of his current form. "No point in making Lucifer come along if he's stuck as a baby. Robbers aren't going to surrender to a literal toddler. As for Gogeta... he said--" Bernkastel was cut off by the loud noise of something being blown apart followed by a gust of wind. Turning her head toward the noise, she saw a blue streak zip through the air that was sailing for the west. This caused her to furrow her brows in confusion, unsure if it meant Gogeta changed his mind or was about to go on another potential rampage.

"Uh... I don't suppose that happens to be the direction in which you spotted said robberies?" She asked, starting to float in the air so she'd follow Gogeta's trail. "Maybe we should split up and cover more ground?"
Watching Gogeta blasting off from the destroyed balcony, heading west, Spina turned to Bernkastel with a lack of emotion. “Nope.” Without hesitation, the old Saiyan quickly shot down her idea of splitting up. “They’re a few of them huddling together as a group and fixated on one area. They won’t be spreading out that far by the time we get there. No reason to split up across the city.” Spina paused for a moment. “Or you’re trying to make an excuse to check out the bastard’s head at?”
Spina turned his back at her and clenched his right hand, balling it into a fist. “They’re at this direction, most notably, the entertainment district.” The old Saiyan said, pointing at another direction, different than Gogeta’s path.

“Everyone is here now, and Lucifer will just sit back, we won’t be wasting anymore time.” Spina levitated off the ground. “I’ll fill in the details as we head over there. Let’s go.” Without waiting for a response from them, he blasted upward and flow to the direction where the robberies occurred.  His thoughts of Gogeta blasting off didn’t phased him at the slightest. He didn’t place much concern over Gogeta’s wellbeing, nor took the suggestion of Bernkastel to heart. Instead, he’d focused on a goal of stopping the robberies, perhaps, to get his mind off from emotional baggage, or something else lay deep in the old Saiyan’s heart.

Entertainment District [Ruined] of Reality Metropolis

This section of the city was nothing but a momentum of ruin. Cracked roads, broken lights, and abandoned apartments, shops, and other business stories. Yet, the burns from various attacks still linger despite a near week passing.

“Find anything?” A tall man with giant headphones resting on his neck asked. He had black, messy hair, wore a purple jacket, baggy pants, and black shoes. His eyes resonated of someone who hadn’t slept for days on end. “We been at it for hours, and all we find are scraps, burnt food and rubble.”

“No. Just a bunch of music. And not the good kind. There’s no trash metal anywhere.” Another one responded. This one in particular was a red and black monster, dripping “blood-like” substance onto the floorboard. “Are you sure you got the right information that this place is loaded?”

“She claims that it had all the good stuff since people left in a hurry, Carnage.” He’d turned to the other two near with them. “Found anything valuable?”
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Cross oddly was able to catch to Spina very quick. Cross thinking "Funny one the trade marks of some one doing that thankless job is at some point facing emotional hung ups fully."
I will fine one later
Brachi, Majin Bara and Jize followed, catching up with Spina and Cross rather quickly.

"No changing into Saiyaman?" Jize then teased Brachi.

"Now isn't the best of times for that, I want to be upfront this time." Brachi replied.

"Good." Jize replied, nodding.
"Nothin' but shit." The other man responded; he was also very tall and dressed semi-formally for the looting. He was roughly in his late 40s, brown skin, and had dreadlocks stretching down to his lower back. He simply stood in place, adjusting his glasses and nudging the rubble around with his foot. 

"Look, Grey! It ain't all shit." Another voice replied, drawing the other's attention and startling him with the sudden appearance of a mostly scorched mask that seemed like it had been from a novelty shop, his differently colored eyes shown through the eye holes. Seeing the reaction of his partner, the dark-skinned man nearly keeled over in a fit of laughter. 

Grey's eyes narrowed in annoyance before turning back toward the others. "Like I said. All shit. Now can we get out of here?"

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