Grimsby Falls
Excalik seems to be phase out of the two squabbling about something. "Well, let's focus on getting the bottom of this. I think I can see that colorful character now.." He began to power walk ahead of the group to avoid awkward situations.
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"Whatever you say, imp." Vala replied to the clone before picking up the pace of her walking. "He didn't have to ride on a horse over there..." she sweated. "Just leaving us in the dust like that..."

The view of the thick canopy surrounding Belmont Manor was slowly approaching. The front gates of the estate stood strong, bound shut by chains.

"Well, it certainly is larger than I thought..." Vala muttered, more to herself than the others.
"Very big and heavily chained~ How will we get through~?" Z-Clone questioned. "Anyone got a key~?

Z-Clone stared at the large gates and slowly floated to one of the chains. She attempted to tug at it but failed. She obviously wasn't one for heavy lifting.
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Gold stared at the gates, Swiftoot long gone.

"How to get in here, I wonder." He muttered.
"To the Ends of the Earth."
Vala looked expectantly at Excalik. "It's probably breakable."

She could perform fire magic to heat the chain, but with all the foliage, she risked setting the estate on fire with her control.
Allein pulled out her blood sword and slashed the chain off. "Lets go."
"Well, that was rather anti climactic~" Z-Clone groaned. "I was hoping for a better entrance than this, non~? Not only easily broken but with no fun added to it~ What a shame~" Z-Clone giggled.
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Gold walked inside the courtyard. "You all got here quickly."
"To the Ends of the Earth."
Vala followed suit, scanning the surroundings around her. "Getting in will be the least of our concern."

The courtyard was overshadowed by the trees, obscured further by the lack of sunlight. The silence was only worrysome. At the center of the courtyard stood a large statue with water flowing out of the vase it held.

"We ought to stay together for now until we go inside the manor." Vala suggests.

A raven stood perched among the thick canopy among the crows and mockingbirds that flew about, watching them. From how tall the trees were, it would be hard to find it.
Allein looked around, keeping her sword out so that she could be ready. She glanced around and felt uneasy.

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