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Pokémon Fan Games Discussion
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This is a fan made game. 9 years in development apparently. Adds a new type, Nuclear. There's also a Nucleon Eevee evolution. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company don't seem to be happy with this game.
I heard of this. Seen few game-play of the game and it's interesting. Though, for 9 years of work, it doesn't seem to be impressive visually in terms of sprite. The game is unbalanced due to Gym Leaders having Perfect IVs and EVs, but that's all I noticed so far.

Nintendo taking it down is expected. Think
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Sucks it got taken down by Nintendo before I could download it.
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You can still download it. Just Google it
As Tadashi stated, you can still download the game. Just a simple google search can net you the game; be careful of the websites you get it from though. 

I check some more play-through of this fan-game here and there—I have to say, I’m not very impressed. The nuclear type seems a bit weird addition and most of the fan mons looks dumb. I have not seen enough to construct the story, so I will not make a comment on that.
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"I have made many enemies in my lifetime, many different kind of enemies; however, you know what all of them have in common?"

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I've seen this game but I truly only like the music tbh. I heard the story was really edgy and involves death and stuff but I'm not entirely sure. I'm not bashing on the person who made this because I'm sure they put a lot of time and effort in this game, it's just that I don't see the point of the Nuclear type. Since the idea was before X/Y came out (I think) I guess it's the creator's way of making a new addition to the game, similar to what GF does.
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I'm not gonna repeat what others have already posted but I tell you, Nucleon's design is horrid. Lol

Nuclear type seems pretty unorthodox but then again most fangames of Pokemon are pretty boring as hell anyway, so it has potential to stand out as a fangame (and apparently has given its apparent fanbase... despite me never hearing a word about it anywhere on the net). Game goal is nothing new of course, get 8 badges, become champ, yadda yadda. Quickly skimming the wikia though, it doesn't seem edgy so much as a somewhat-unoriginal plot device. Of course there would be a nuclear plant built on an old one that previously melted down in a supposed catastrophe (I don't think that is how it works... there's a reason nobody lives in Chernobyl anymore), and of course there would be some shady stuff going on. I will appreciate they referenced Pokemon Rangers into their game though. Pkmn Ranger needs more love.

I legitimately thought the game would take place in a Nuclear Winter though... alas. Some designs look good/unique, others are simply recolors, not surprisingly. Protagonist designs could use some revision (especially the male, then again, the males most always seem to get boring designs compared to the female)

However, have y'all seen Chvinmunk?
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Besides the lame name, I would like 20 of these derpy things. Step aside Pikachu.
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