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Hagane Colosseum Guide
Hagane Colosseum Guideline

The Hagane Colosseum focuses on which character will be the victor in a death match. In hindsight, this is a debate section that brings engaging, often heated, discussions. Furthermore, it's expected that you are able to back your side with evidence. Even if you do not have the scans available for your arguments, a well, constructed opinion is still valid. To maintain the quality of the section, please review the rules and guidelines. It is in your best interest to follow them to have a good experience in Hagane Colosseum.

Rules and Guidelines:

1. Know Your Fallacies

2. Be Respectful – If you're getting upset, check yourself out of the thread and come back when you calm down. It is not worth getting upset over and the potential possibility of getting strikes on your account or worse, outright banned. We're not asking people to be upstanding citizens. We're asking that the people should be adults and the discussion as civil as possible.

3. If you don't know something, own up to it. You will be more respected of admitting your shortcomings. Don't try to continue the debate for days on a false premise to save face.

4. Constructive Posts – Hagane Colosseum encourages debate and long-winded conversations. As the nature of the section, do not post one-liners. It also applies to irrelevant, non-existent points and conclusory statements. These do not encourage nor allow a debate to happen. If you do not have anything to say that contributes to the topic, it's best to not comment

Furthermore,  avoid spilling your personal feelings in your post. A conversation cannot happen if you are basing your statements on feelings. Argue your stance, offer reasons why you think this debate will happen in a scenario. Your perception of what is cool should remain because no one can take that away from you.

5. Clear Writing – Make sure the thread(s) and your post(s) have a clear understanding of what you are trying to say. Conversation cannot be had if we cannot understand you. We're not asking for a novel worthy paragraph. Just avoid making your threads look like gibberish.

6. No Broad Topics – Threads with broad subjects is frown upon. For example, it would be unwise to make a thread called Marvel vs DC because it creates too many factors. Instead, narrow down your topics and creates unique scenarios for your battle.

7. Canon – Canon, by definition, is a collection of accepted works. For example, in the case of Dragon Ball, every form of Dragon Ball—official produced material—is accepted in the Dragon Ball canon. Whether it fits into the timeline has no bearing onto the canon, as that will step into the bounds of "continuity." A canon can have many continuities (i.e. Marvel and DC). As long the character in question is part of the canon, you can use the character. 

8. Feat Hierarchy

Feats > Word of God (In-Universe) > Word of In-Universe Sources (needs solid reasons to trust them) > Word of God (Interviews/Post-Production Commentary/etc) > Extrapolation > Other

If something lower on the list became a contradiction by something higher, the higher one receives priority. Furthermore, common sense should be in play here. Iron-Man is not "invincible" because of the title. Magcargo is not actually hotter than the sun and so forth. Claims are usually backed up with feats, so keep that in mind when coming to a debate.

9. No Limits Fallacy – Is the illogical idea that a poorly understood phenomenon can be extrapolated to infinity or assumed to not have any maximum value or threshold. For a gross example, observing that a shield can easily withstand an attack from a particular weapon, one might illogically conclude that the shield could withstand fire from an unlimited number of those weapons at the same time, or that it could withstand fire from a similar weapon that was much more powerful.

10. Stay on Topic – Don’t derail the discussion, this is not a chat-room. Reactionary images, attacking users or anything that does not benefit the discussion will be deleted.

11. Old Threads – Do not bump up threads that are well over 7 months old of no activity. Make a brand new one instead.

12. Default Assumptions – Below is the default assumptions when a thread does not go into specific detail of a battle. Try to avoid making low-quality threads. Here's is what to be expected when making a thread:
  1. What versions of the characters are being used?
  2. The location of the battlefield and any special conditions related to the field.
  3. The characters are blood lusted or in-character.
  4. Any specific conditions, restrictions or scenarios for the purpose of this battle.
When the conditions of the thread are not stated, everyone would need to go by the default assumptions.

Default Assumptions
  • Characters: Who is fighting who? Avoid making broad topics such as DC vs Marvel, West vs East, etc.
  • Characters are blood-lusted by default unless stated otherwise.
  • Unless stated otherwise, characters are represented by their current incarnation. 
  • Plot influences such as Plot-Induced Stupidity (PIS) and Character-Induced Stupidity (CIS) are null and void unless stated otherwise.
  • No character has preparation time unless stated otherwise.
  • Characters are 15 meters apart from each other unless stated otherwise.
  • The battle takes place on a grassy field in the middle of nowhere.
  • Ability Overlap/Universe Equivalence: All energy sources are now considered "equal"; such as Ki and Charka are the same.
Thanks for reading the Hagane Guidelines!
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