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BGC Summary of Updates
A record book for all members to see the additions, subtractions, changes and anything else that occurs on the forum. If there are additions you want to see added on BGL, please list those additions (with reasoning) in the Suggestion Box. It also includes various questions about the forum in general and steps that will help you have a better experience when browsing Boogaloo. It would be wise to check out the BGL Rules as well.

Additions on BGL
  • Awards System: Members will receive special awards for their action on the forum. Some of them can only be unlocked by participating in challenges. 
  • Visitor Messages: Members will be able to send messages to each other by posting on their profiles. However, as of now, there is currently no way to view messages solely between you and the other user. You can accomplish this by using personal messages (or the use of social media).
  • Colored Usernames: Each member received a color usernames that helps distinguish the users. Normal users have purple-colored usernames, while the staff is defined by their ranks (Green for Admins, Red for Moderators, and Orange for Advisors). 
  • Thread Prefixes: For organization purposes, certain sections uses these prefixes to determine the topic at hand.
  • Customized User-Ranks: BGL Staff has special user-ranks under their names. Certain members can receive special ranks by earning them in various challenges offered on the forum. 
  • Favorite Threads: You have the ability to favorite a thread and be alerted whenever it gets posted. The option is under “subscribe to this thread” when you clicked on a thread.
  • Spoiler Option: Put any content under spoiler by using this code: [spoiler] [/*spoiler] - [spoiler="title"] [/*spoiler] (remove the stars)
  • Auto-Media: You are able to link any mp3 from a video. Here is the code to do this: [amplist*][source*]"insert video here"[/source*][/*amplist] - [amplist*][source*]"insert video here"title="title"[/source*][/*amplist] (remove the stars)
  • Reported PMs: Users are able to report any personal messages. Please don’t abuse the button and use it for actual reasons, such as bullying, harassment and the like and not for pettiness. 
  • Quick Reply: Quick Reply had been buffed to include everything that you normally see by clicking reply in a thread for your convenience.
  • Upcoming Events: New Feature. Easier to keep track of events that will appear throughout the entire year.
  • Like System: You have the ability to like a post! However, there is no dislike button.
  • My Reactions: To compensate the above, you are able to add any reaction to any post you encountered.
  • Alert System: This allows you to be alerted when someone replies, quoted, sends you a VM/PM, mentioned you in a thread, etc. You can edit the notifications in the User CP.
  • AutoMentions: This allows to call a user in a thread for any reason and they will be alerted (if they have the option on).
  • Karma Points: A new posting system that awards you some pretty epic stars. Check out the Karma Stars and set out your goal!
Rejected Suggestions
  • Chatbox: It will consume too much Bandwidth. Furthermore, it takes away the purpose of posting on the actual forum. If you wish to communicate with friends, you can do those via personal messaging (if it’s private) or visitor messages. Boogaloo Plaza is also an option for chatterbox without many restrictions.
  • Snowstorm: Causes significant lag onto the forum.
  • FireWorks: Causes significant lag onto the forum.
  • Dice-Roller: Makes everything too complicated and overall, does not fit the theme of Boogaloo.

Special Events

Important Events that will occur on the forum. So if you ever confuse of why the forum looks a bit different, it because of the following things below.

Birthday Bash: Introduce on August 23rd, 2017. All Administrators will receive a special thread, along with Birthday Avatar, Signatures and goodies. The forum will reflect on the event for one week.
  • LoopyPanda: Hello Kitty Theme
  • ~ Z ~: Pokemon Theme
  • Freak: Warframe Theme
Holidays BGL: The forum will receive New Years, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas banners.

Pokémon Series Cup: Pokémon Competitive Battle, exclusive to the Pokémon section. 

Super Challenge: A series of challenges that test users to put out their skills for the forum to see. They are seasonal events that have 6-8 weeks deadline. It also includes team-challenges.

Incoming Special Events
  • Starting 2018, hidden birthdays will receive special birthday gifts through personal messages.
  • Birthday Bash to be extended to the rest of the Staff.
  • Overwatch Cup

Common Questions and Answers

No website is free of bugs, errors and common problems, so we will do our best to make sure that you have a smooth time on BGL. If you encounter a problem, make a thread (using the Question Prefix) or post in an existing one with a similar problem as yours (if it’s still opened) with screenshots so we can work to resolve your issue.

What happened to the forums? How come certain sections were deleted?

BGL has launched two years ago and we had all sorts of ideas of how the forum should operate; however, as time pass, the forum had shifted to becoming smarter when it comes to the creation of certain sections. If you see a section that was removed, chances are, the section had no bearing, little-to-no activity or integrated into another section. The sections now looked cleaner, more modernized and able to reach different interests for the users to participate in. Furthermore, the forums are now rearranged in ABC order, with the exceptions of Boogaloo Chamber. 

What happened to that theme I like!? You’re such a fa-

Calm down. If there’s a theme that you like but it’s no longer present, it is because those themes pose too many errors to iron out. Furthermore, it’s counterproductive to make 4-5 different themes that require different fine-tuning to make sure they’re stable. It’s far more sensible to have one stale theme than 6. Sorry bucko, but it’s not happening just because you like that one theme. There are only two themes we have on Boogaloo: Ultimate Theme and Deluxe Theme.

The Deluxe Theme is Boogaloo before all the modern changes took place. So if you do not like the Ultimate Theme, simply switch over to that one. However, this is only exclusive to members. 

Furthermore, the Ultimate Theme will go in transition in special events, such as holidays, birthdays and the sort for a limited time. Far better than hosting 6 different themes to cater for few individuals.

My posts/threads got deleted. What the heck?

Threads and posts are deleted because either they broke the rules or poor quality. You can be notified when your thread(s)/post(s) gets removed for being poor quality, but if they’re outright deleted due to bad behaviors, you get no warning. 

What happened to Boogaloo Showcase?

Once again, the Boogaloo Showcase section has no bearing of having its own forum for now. Instead, Challenges replaced Showcase as the main event of the forum. These challenges can randomly start at any given time with a set end-date. Art Garden and Pokémon have exclusive challenges, as you can find “Super Challenges” under Boogaloo News. 

Hey, I can post just fine, but I can’t make a thread. What gives!? 

If you're facing an error when making a thread, shorten the title of the thread you're trying to make. Chances are, your titles were too long and unable to process correctly due to the limits of the characters. There was an issue of posting, but it was resolved months ago. 

I’m having trouble logging on! What is it this time, Shine!?

If you're having issues logging on or being redirected to another site/index page from your mobile devices, PCs - just simply log out and log back in. If possible, clear all your cache and cookies before logging back on.

Can I become a Mod? I’ll pay you! I even suck your di-

Slow down, Jameson. We do not ask people to become Mods unless we absolutely need too. As of now, we actually have way more mods than we should, and thus, we have no interested in getting more moderators.

Hey! I want to donate to the forum. Where can I do such a thing?

We don’t do donations since this website is simply a forum. Spend your money on more important things than some website. Maybe in the future, if I decided to move the website to another forum software such as Xenforo, donations can be accepted. 

What the heck!? You made changes that I’m not aware of! Where can I complain?

Before you start typing, make sure you head over to the Suggestion Box to see the changes or incoming changes that I will work on. Reading is your best friend! Also, if you have issues with these changes, create a thread (with a question prefixes) of why such changes aren't warranted for the forum.

BGL Staff Moderation Team

Administrators: Each Admin have similar powers, but differences that set them apart. The leader of the Admins is ShineCero.

BGL Staff: All members will belong to a single, moderation class that have "super moderator"-like abilities. Same colors and abilities across the board.
  • Can move/trash/delete/edit/merge/close/open/sticky a thread(s)/post(s).
  • Can change/remove/add a poll and its options.
  • Can make and delete announcements.
  • Can view IPs of members.
  • Can manage announcements.
  • Can view moderator logs.
  • Can ban and permanent ban users.
  • Can grant Awards 
  • Can manage announcements/queues/content and other things.
  • Can IP Search
  • Can manage visitor comments.
  • Can issue warning strikes
  • Can access Moderator CP
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