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Musical Influences
Music has a type of magic that we as people cannot understand its effects on us: It influences us. What artist/band/song influenced you to become the person you are now? It doesn't need to be something life changing either. It can also be something that you do everything, such as exercising or reading. What music do you listen to that pumps you or enlighten you? Do you have specific bands you listen to for certain occasions? State your thoughts here!
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There are two versions of Tatsumaki: Shine's version and Z's version.
This is going to sound so weird but I love how Nicki Minaj's recent music makes me feel really empowered -- like it makes me feel more confident about myself and encourages me to be more confident in myself and love myself more.  Big Grin
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My musical influence was Kurt Cobain and Eminem. I love both of them and some of their lyrics. People often compare Nirvana to drugs and sex but this isn't the case. To me, when I read Kurt's lyrics, I kinda see a man struggling to get free. It was almost like he couldn't take any more pain. That or he was pumped on drugs.

Eminem is a weird story. I hated him at first but slowly grew to like him, especially his recent music. He just talks REAL. His music isn't all about whores or drugs. Some songs (Not Afraid is one) talk about how to overcome your problems and that you are not alone. He also talks about modern society and mocks it. He's a special case of a real rapper in my opinion. He makes raps about whores and drugs and stuff but when people took him seriously about killing people, he made a song mocking these people (Criminal) I assume he got tired that people assume him to be a crazy maniac and judge him based on his music rather than his actions.

Here's also Eminem eating M&Ms with other Eminems.

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There are two versions of Tatsumaki: Shine's version and Z's version.
Classical music has influenced me in many good ways: some of them is good for relax, some for joy/happiness, some for excitement, or just for good nap at bus during commuting to work/school.
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Kid CuDi makes me think when I'm listen to his music especially Mr. Rager and Trapped in My Mind. Especially the latter song where he brings up the notation that "The World is crazy but hey I'm not that bad at all" acknowledge that, sure one can have a shitty ass life, but in comparison to the psychotic world out there? Perhaps yours it's not that bad at all and pushed forward.
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Whenever I feel stressed or nervous, I listen to the Mushishi soundtrack and close my eyes. Every single track of the OST just makes me relax and think about the wonders of nature out there. The music helps me forget about the obligations and duties of real life and takes me to a different world (the world of the anime Mushishi mostly).

I hope that didn't sound too psychedelic or like a drug trip because it's really not. It's just the most effective method of relaxation that I've found so far and the music plays the most important part in it.
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