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What anime did you watched today?
Caught up to 3 episodes of Fruits Basket , and oh boy my tearducts were NOT prepared for that  Katsob Katsob Katsob
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Still catching up on Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix.
Finished Kyubei's arc in my Gintama rewatch, i forgot how stupid all these characters are   Roll
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Uzaki anime since everyone and their mother was acting like this was a bane of someone's existence. It's pretty mediocre at best, and the comedy is really a hit and miss. Though, I do get the symbolism behind the eyes. Uzaki has large eyes (filled with life) compared to Sakurai(?)'s small eyes, who doesn't seems much further and contend with what he has now. 

One thing I'll say tho, it quite aggravating to see artists being all "I fixed her design"; pretty damn disrespectful to the actual artist. Don't like the anime/manga? Fine. Skip it and watch something else. Don't disrespect actual artists by claiming you fixed it (especially when most of them are some over-the-mill tumblr trash art) lol.
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