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James' Video Gallery
Hm, late re:, didn't notice. But yeah, the process of animation is very slow. I've been working on finishing a 10-15 second 2D animated short I made a pencil test of about a year ago since like late April/early May to start an animation portfolio (probably will post that when it's done). The average professional 2D animator who works 40 hours a week can typically only make about 7-9 seconds a week. Every second requires 12-24 drawings. 3D can take even longer to finish.

Speaking of said 2D animated short, voila!
So, got a new YouTube Poop made, this is another really bizarre and surreal one (trying to see how far I can go before I break someone's mind lmao). Made it in honor of election day, kinda
Made a new YTP for the Holidays. I call it Welcome to the Cult of Harambe. It has some intense light flashing so be warned of that. 
Holidays in which memes refuse to die! Just like the gorilla, the meme needs to finally pass on to the next world.

Love the video! I can only imagine what you were censoring with that long bar.  Katsweat
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
"Dicks out for Harambe" :p But yeah, if it don't die soon we may see this in schools or something lmao. How far sarcasm can go.
Zombie meme continued to rise again! Maybe Santa can end this for Christmas Maybe

I like how you used Boondocks for this piece (great show!). Keep them coming Awesome
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Heh, the life that meme had was amazing, I never even quite got the joke but it went on for long. Hopefully this scares people out of using it next year lol. And thanks, yeah I love The Boondocks too, that was actually one of my favorite episodes too :D
Got a couple of new short animation projects done. One's just a simple camera pan for a layout class I took last semester and the other's a sprite animation test for a game I'm working on.

I call this one "Johnny's Hangout"

Wow, been almost a year, but I finally felt inspired to make a new YTP. This one goes out to Dr. Bill Cosby! 


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