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Does Music Affect You?
I am wondering if some of the music you're listening to, in particular your favorite songs, affect you when you dream away in it. I have that myself if I dream away; some songs make me happy, others calm me down, and a few others make me sad.

A notable example of a song which can relax me is the song Oxygene IV by Jean Michel Jarre:

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene IV

The slow, gentle pace makes me relaxed and when I fully dream away while listening to it, I can imagine myself and my friends swimming somewhere, it's a real delight to listen to.
Music heavily affects me because I feel like it takes me to a whole new world where no one can hurt me and where my mind can rest from chaos. I also believe music has helped me create a more balance character by giving them reasonable weaknesses.
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I can understand that.

Personally, a song which can affect me is a Christmas song known as Sheila by the Dutch band BZN. When I finally understood the context and the lyrics of the song, it actually made me cry.
A lot of music I listen to is just instrumental, but it's definitely influenced me.

It's shaped the way I make my characters and helps me daydream about scenes I could write.

On a non-writing note, it helps me color and calms me down. Orchestral music in particular makes me by instinct try to replicate the notes by pressing my fingers down on a surface. I just get the impusle to get up and play my violin. 

Definitely matches my emotions to music I listen to.
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Music affects me in a different way than some. When I listen to artists like Anna Blue or Damian Dawn, I take trips down memory lane and the memories tend to depend on the song I'm listening to. I recently listened to a song called silent scream, and honestly, I feel depressed and like nothing I ever do is going to be good enough for anything.
Music literally makes me feel a wide array of emotions. Some music literally makes me cry for no reason while others make me super pumped. I usually listen to music in order to think up some scenes for my stories or for some roleplays I'm in. I love listening to music so much that I've memorized the lyrics of most of my songs without having to look up them up. Most of my music has no lyrics, which, in my opinion, I feel help me calm down and open my mind to the greater knowledge of music such as the usual AABA style.
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There are two versions of Tatsumaki: Shine's version and Z's version.
Music affects me in many ways. A bit differently when I play it on my clarinet vs listen to it. When I play it, it feels like it takes me over. Like it reaches into my soul or my very being somehow. (That probably sounds weird...-_-) It calms me down, and transports me somewhere. Listening to it calms me, energizes me, and I can let my mind travel. Music has even made it into my dreams. It's also shaped how I've perceived things. Without music, I don't think I'd be here right now.
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Truthfully, music kinda changes my mood and makes me feel almost...powerful, so to speak. I love music so much that I feel like I have a decent knowledge about it even without taking many classes. I feel as if my mind can create a scene with the music presented and it can be either happy, sad, dramatic, etc. I literally think them up on the spot.
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There are two versions of Tatsumaki: Shine's version and Z's version.
Music affects me a lot it cause me to be either emotional due to me not being able to put my feelings or thoughts out in the open and it as well as it lifts up my spirits and boosts my confidence providing me strength to keep being motivated and never let people walk over me or bring me down 
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Music definitely has me fucking pump whenever I'm doing something. If you see me doing mass posting in the RP section, it's because I'm listening bomb ass music to get into the mood. I advise people to do the same.
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