BoogaVerse Informative Guide
BoogaVerse Informative Guide

The purpose of this guide is to ensure an understanding of BoogaVerse and bring out essential elements towards building your characters. Please read through the guide, then head to the Character Box Guide to get started on building your character box thread before playing!

Key Rules
  • It is required to create a character box before playing in BoogaVerse.
  • You can only play 4 characters per chapter.
  • Your characters cannot be in multiple chapters at the same time.
  • Do not break established lore in BoogaVerse.
  • Do not godmod, bunnymod or metagame.
  • Death can be an option for your characters.
  • If you want your own arc villain, you must discuss things with me, and we’ll work something out.
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Booga is the epicenter of all events that transpired in the lifetime of BoogaVerse, caught in a struggle between the higher gods. After the event of White Space, dark energy slipped in the Core Zone and manifested itself as powerful dark creatures known as Shadows. They seek nothing but destruction in their wake. Booga has 7 regions: Shina Ania, Paradice, Desolate Lands, Empire State, Deimos Valley, N-Constringitur and S-Constringitur. Below are dedicated description of all the regions for your characters.

Notable Notes
  • Dragon Guardian exists on every continent on Planet Booga. The Dragon Guardians are a group of powerful Dragons tasked with the role as protectors of Booga. If a celestial threat appears to threaten the stability of Booga on a global scale, they will arrive and terminate the enemy. After the White Space Event, all of them received a “Super Mode”, which requires a bond with a human to activate. Retcon, the Reboot Dragon, is located on the Moon for safety reasons. 
  • Shine had resigned from his duty as Grand Sorcerer and traveling the world to atone for his sins. Ballows is appointed as one of the Leader of the Magic Society.

Regions of Booga

Shina Ania, otherwise known as Alkebulan by Anians, is a region filled with legends. The birthplace of humankind, one of the few places that has peace between humans and monsters, well-known for its beautiful architectures and many towns devoted to various gods and goddesses. Shina Ania has a large diversity in geography, with wildlife to compensate, consisting of desert regions, highlands, everglades, Great Plains, jungles and rainforests.

Shina Ania is an absolute monarchy. Founded in Year 24 of Crisis-Era, Empire became the first king of Shina Ania and ruled with an iron fist with mercy and kindness. To ensure protection against invaders from other nations, Empire imposed isolation. He allows people to leave the country for exploration, as long as they returned. He also advocated no wars, whether domestic or foreign, imposed complete neutrality to avoid any outside influences, spearheaded cooperation when monsters that appeared during his reign. Moved by his kindness and popularity by his people, Suyoi granted him with Pure Energy, becoming the first human to do so. As a result, all his descendants will have a chance to have Pure Energy, used as a way to determine the next ruler of Shina Ania.

Although Anians lived in harmony for centuries, there was a disease outbreak that mysterious appeared in the region that send ripples to the population. Known as the Moyasu Alma Disease, it corrupts the soul by filling it with Dark Energy, drives humans to become mad and go on a rampage after a few days. It has no cure—not even Pure Energy can erase it. The only way to suppress it is by making a pact with a monster; a contract between human and monster by combining their souls to ensure survival. They trade their ability age, but in exchange, gains power. 
  • Shina Ania is based on the Middle East and Africa.
  • Anians is the term for the people who are born in Shina Ania.
  • “Gold Diamonds”, Diamond made completely out of gold; deem more valuable than Californite.
  • Khalid is the 14th King of Shina Ania
  • Moyasu Alma disease only appears in Shina Ania.
  • Pacts is only possible between humans and monsters. They are known as Pacters.
  • In certain towns in the region, Demons have legends built around them, such as being referred to as Vampires, Succubus, etc.
  • As a result, they tend to gather many religious fanatics and cults.
  • Zillion, the Dragon Guardian, sleeps in the deep depths of the lake near the palace of the King.

Paradice, the land of magic, serves as the trade capital of the world. It has a rough history of bitter wars against the Demons, invaders that was left behind after the Crisis Era. To respond against the onslaught of threats, humans began to learn, and practice magic as means to defend themselves against them. Eventually, a man called Merlin ended the wars overnight, driving the invaders out of Paradice. Afterwards, interest in magic continued and to Merlin, it served well for humanity. Merlin founded the International Society of Magic, which split into two factions: Brotherhood of Black Magic and Sisterhood of White Magic, until they eventually reunited as Magic Society after White Space Event.

The affairs of Paradice is handled by the Magic Council of the Magic Society. This includes forming treaties, organizing military forces and passing laws of the land. Nationalism among the Paradicians is incredibly high after the Demon Wars; to the point that they pride themselves as the reason for kickstarting the advancement of human civilization. They expelled all Demons and Deimos from entering their land until the White Space Event, when a new council agreed to repeal the exclusion clause.
  • As magic changes throughout the ages into its modern form, it had improved the quality of life. Food, health, and other factors improved dramatically due to magic, becoming the most populated nation in the world. Furthermore, they became adamant of ensuring the quality of the environment. They took measures of preserving national forests, old buildings left from the wars and more. Even those damaged from conflict, with magic, they managed to turn it into a remarkable place of beauty. The highest mountain peak in Paradice is where the Dragon Guardian of Paradice, Slygon, sleeps.
  • Paradice is based on Asia (including India and Russia).
  • Paradicans is the term for the people who are born in Paradice.
  • Magic Society has a ranking system for mages: Novice, Expert Mage, Battle Mage, Wizard, Grandmaster, Sorcerer/Sorceress. Grand Sorcerer/Sorceress is reserved for leaders.
  • Mages not affiliated with the Magic Society will be referred as Rouge Mage.
  • Evil mages are referred as Witches, Warlocks or Bleu Mages.
  • Due to influx of magic, evil spirits are common in Paradice.
  • They are home to a lot of mythical creatures in forests across the region.

Deimos Valley is the land of Deimos. After being driven out of Paradice, Demons settled in a land far off the coast of Shina Ania and established a colony. Soon after, Demons adapted to the harsh conditions, and after centuries, undergo an evolutionary change. They lost the ability to perform magic, no longer have chaotic energy, became less aggressive and gain a more humanoid appearance as a result. They became an entire separate group from the Demons, gaining a new identity for their race: Deimos.

Unable to wield magic because of an evolutionary change, Deimos, through science and technology, developed Anti Magic through the usages of music and instruments. Music is a major part of their culture, one of the reasons why their evolution occurred, due to the songs calming their aggressiveness.

Deimos Valley has a single ruler, called Deimos King Ghido, who handles all the affairs of the nation. Descendant of the Demon General from the Crisis War, he harbors hatred against Paradice and hopes the world would cleanse them from the face of Booga. Such, Ghido engages in a warfare of political powers, showing off their newly developed nation to the world by being better than Paradice.
  • Deimos Valley is based on Australia and Oceania.
  • Deimos Valley is the music capital of the world.
  • Deimos are the only species capable of Anti-Magic.
  • Black Dots are rare minerals used for building instruments; they sold for high prices and sought out by treasure hunters.

Desolate Lands, originally known as Rupoee, was once a beautiful land filled with flowers, wildlife, medieval cities and the sort. However, due to an influx of wars between faction governments in the region, led everything into ruin. All faction governments sought to control the entirely of the region and power in Age 1913-1945. The brutal war devastated the land due to destructive weapons, ranging from swords to magic, military missiles, chemical and biological weapons. Population dropped, native animals on the verge of extinction and vegetation rotten away. Resources became inadequate, governments collapsed, and society fell to their lowest point. Finally, preventing any reasonable restoration, nuclear explosions merged throughout the region suddenly in the final years of the war.

It became a barren wasteland with no laws, earning its new name. Mutants and Monsters are incredibly common in the region, sprouting several tribes. They often raid small towns for food and goods. Evil spirits take advantage of the human lives in the region, coercing into bad deals and exchanges. The Dalv Tribe flourish by hoarding nearly 90% of useful resources to themselves, leaving small towns to fend for themselves against Monsters, Mutants and now, Shadows. The Beast Slayers, formed by merging all Guild, is created to counter these abundances of creatures.

The Dragon Guardian Dragore became disgusted of the destructive capabilities of humanity and harbors resentment of them. He rested in the ancient castle in deep in the "Endless Deserts" and lost hope for humankind in the region.
  • Desolate Lands is based on Europe.
  • There are no laws in Desolate Lands.
  • Desolatians is the term for the people who are born in Desolate Lands.
  • The homeless population is high and there are very few towns.
  • A powerful tribe known as Dalv Tribe are located in Eastern Side. They are extremely antagonistic to outsiders.
  • Desolate Lands is beyond repair; it will never return to its original state.

Empire State is an advanced nation that pride itself of pushing technology to its fullest potential. In Age 1800, the region entered a period of technology boom, known as Golden Industrial Age after discovery of Californite. Californite is a mineral that literally used for everything and anything; including making flying cars, anti-gravity cities, advanced health care, teleportation and the sort, all possible of a single mineral, earning the name, “Land of the Future”, for being so ahead of other continents in technology.

It became eye candy for tourists as every city have a unique niche that appeals to their interests. For example, Superhero City is famous for the gathering of heroes in the area for people to take their photos. The Big Apple is famous for its collection of Mysterious Beings, a powerful summoning to aid them in battle. Empire State also created a protectorate state for the Dinosaurs called Dinostone Park.

The affairs of Empire State is handled by the Heroes Force, led by Susie Charm. It was originally known as Heroes Organization, but due to a detail leaks of corruption by the media of Minute-Man’s actions, it led to his dismissal and the Organization was revamp, ranking systems abolished, and a new leader was appointed. Susie Charm leads the nation to greater prosperity and hope to establish friendship with her neighboring regions. The Dragon Guardian of Empire State received critical wounds during the Great War between Empire State and Rupoee that started in Age 1775. After the defeat of Rupoee and the explosion of technology, humans managed to rebuild the Dragon Guardian into a cybernetic dragon and referred itself as Cygon. He currently lives deep in the forest of Dinostone Park.
  • Empire State is based on North, Central and South America.
  • Empiran is the term for the people who are born in Empire State.
  • Every city has a unique niche that separates them from other cities.
  • Empire State is home to the largest criminal organization in the world, the LEMONs, an antithesis of the Heroes Force, controlled by their boss, Citrus Man.
  • Californite is only available in Empire State.

North/South Constringitur are the coldest regions on Planet Booga. Very few life forms lived on either of the continents. Coldmo and Coldoma, Twin Dragon Guardians, lived in the North and South Pole, respectively.

Important Elements in BoogaVerse

Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical and mental activity. They are the foundation of all life, things, living and nonliving. All abilities such as powers and magics draws from the usage of energy that flows in one’s body. If something completely runs out of energy, either they will become immobile or it leads to death. Energy is made up of three components: Spirit (Magic), Mind (Psionic) and Vigor (Power).

Neutral Energy, otherwise known as Chi, is what all living and non-living things have by default. The appearance of this usage of energy is represented by blue auras.

Chaotic Energy, otherwise known as “Malicious Chi”, a type of energy manifested in beings with evil hearts. The appearance of this usage of energy is represented by red, pink or purple auras. A person with chaotic energy can become good overtime and the malicious influence decreased.

Pure Energy, otherwise known as “Benevolent Chi”, a type of energy bestow by the higher gods or the complete removal of evil in one’s soul. The appearance of this usage of energy is presented by white auras. 

Dark Energy, otherwise known as “Madness Chi”, a type of energy that occurs through a number of things. Once a user have Dark Energy, they are driven to madness to commit chaotic destruction, become obsessive on a singular goal and vice viscera. The appearance of this usage of energy is presented with black auras. Negative Energy is Dark Energy mastered with controlled madness; however, this variation is only available to one character (Negative).

Description of Abilities

Vigor (Power) component of energy is a manifestation of physical strength. Flight, speed, increased strength and energy attacks, all comes from Vigor.

Spirit (Magic) component of energy is a manifestation of channeling from external sources to affect the world. There are many different variations of magic:
  • Black Magic draws from those that tap into the darkness.
  • White Magic draws from those that tap into the light.
  • Dark Magic, also known as Ancient Magic, are illegal and forbidden abilities lost in time due to their high-risk consequences in usage. Capable of performing Ancient Demonology, Demonic Sorcery, Necromancy, etc. Those that use Dark Magic have their hearts sink in malicious thoughts.
Mind (Mental) component of energy is a manifestation of willpower and mental state. Psionic abilities and Gravity powers are examples of the usage of the Mind component of energy.
  • Psionic, otherwise known as Psychic, is a powerful mental ability that comes with a variety of powers including telekinesis, foresight, mind control, etc. There had been many psionic users, but the strongest one of them all is Citrus Man, the Boss of LEMON; capable of fighting equal ground against Grand Sorceress Z. 
Anti-Magic, developed by Deimos, counters all kinds of magic. Through the usage of a musical instrument capable of utilizing anti-magic properties, the Deimos can nullify and destabilized all forms of magic and shutdown their usage for a window of time. 

All the Lifeforms in Booga

There are several races that coexist in Booga. You are able to pick any of these races to your leisure to build your characters! Here are a list of species that live on Booga aside from humans and machines (i.e. robots, Androids, etc):
  • Monsters, essentially animals and plant life who gained chaotic energy or pure energy through various means. Certain species of monsters are much friendlier than others (such as Fairies), while some are far more aggressive. Intelligence ranges from low or very smart, depending on the environment and their survival methods.
  • Deimos, descended from Demons, are humanoid creatures. They are incapable of magic, but in exchange, able to use anti-magic through their music instruments. Deimos do not have Chaotic Energy. 
  • Demons, created by Lucifer during the Crisis Era, got left behind as the war concluded. There are very few Pure Demons in the world, but there are out there. Vampires, Goblins and the sort. All of them have chaotic energy.
  • Mutants, humans exposed to nuclear radiation with darkness growing in their hearts. Feeling anger from the bitter wars, they mutated dramatically with exceptional abilities. They lost their ability to perform magic, but in exchange, their Vigor and Mind improved.
All Summons Methods

Using a Summoning Card, a device that allows you to summon a warrior, there are two types of summons, Natural Summons and Mysterious Figurines:
  • Natural Summons is a method of summoning any creature, including holy spirits and evil spirits, to aide you in battle. Once the battle is over, they disappear.
  • Mysterious Figurines is a method of summoning a powerful warrior that came from another world (characters from existing medium) to aide you in battle. Once the battle is over, they disappear. You are bound to retain their personalities as close to their original image. You need permission before adding this to you summons.

The Dragon Guardians, Protectors of Booga

The Dragon Guardians are a group of powerful Dragons tasked with the role as protectors of Booga. If a celestial threat appears to threaten the stability of Booga in a global scale, they will arrive and terminate the enemy.

The Dragon Guardians were dinosaurs blessed with Pure Energy by Suyoi to assist her in Lucifer’s War. Not only did Pure Energy change their appearance, it gave them overwhelming power and intellect. They became crucial allies to Suyoi and Uriel in annihilating Lucifer’s forces and ending the war. As the war concluded and Suyoi departing from the world, the Dragon Guardians went to various places in Booga to rest or explore.

Normally, they viewed humanity as curious creatures and their evolution an interesting observation. Some of them viewed that they share the same sentiment; growing intellect always go for the growth for self-improvements considering they were once Dinosaurs.  As such, throughout time, some Dragon Guardians assisted in humanity’s evolution for improvements, from infrastructure to small-scale wars, if they thought it was justified.

Yet, due to the brutality of humans in the Great Wars, including the event that led to the state of Desolate Lands, some of them viewed humans with contempt and absolute disgust. They distance themselves away from human lands, only emerging when a celestial threat loom over. Dragon Guardians are not evil, they can have a cold, indifferent viewpoint to humanity as a whole. In essence, the Dragon Guardians do not act unless a Celestial threat appears, everything else, in their viewpoint, is humanity’s responsibility to deal with.

[Image: JVqTWoz.png]

The only thing humans are equal in is death

Original StoriesNo Heroes | Good Days | Carnage Hero
Art Archive: Art Box | Twitter | Instagram

Sequential Events

A concise, sequential events regarding the background information on the creation of BoogaVerse. There are two different time periods throughout the history of BoogaVerse: Before Era and Crisis Era.

White Space Event

Shine fell into corruption after conducting experiments with energy. His soul blackened by dark energy, he managed to perfect it, turning into Negative Energy. Becoming Negative as the process, the mad mage went on a rampage against the world to swallow it in darkness under the supposed guidance of Viegan. He’d gathered multiple tools, leaving carnage in his wake, such as his attack in Sisterhood and summoning a dangerous being in Port Graham, in order to awakened Retcon Dragon, the strongest of the Dragon Guardians. His goal was to erase the entirely of BoogaVerse and reshaped it in his own image—a world filled with chaos. He succeeded such goal. Trapping the inhabitants of Booga into the world entirely nothing but a white void, Negative was one step closer to succeeding his goal. However, the inhabitants of Booga stand together and defeat the mad mage; separating Negative from Shine and banishing him to Reality Vortex.

The creators of the world came forth to erased Shine, seeing him as a threat to the world. However, due to the persuasion of Z and the inhabitants of Booga, they spared his life and restored the world to its natural state but warned that the damage done from the Retcon’s ability is now permanent and things will change in the future. “Brace for the future, you will have a long, hard journey.” It has been 6 months since this event. We are now in Age Era 9316.

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