The Under World
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Main Area of UnderWorld

The UnderWorld is a community that homes many demonic creatures. After the fall of Lucifer's War from the Crisis Era, the residents rebuild the Under World Society to become a more friendly and less hostile environment and not be tools for pointless wars, although there is still hostility of holy figures from Upper World. After modernization, there are two different areas in the UnderWorld. The first "main" area is a cityscape area surrounded by massive volcanoes. The lights throughout the city emitted a purplish color because of being powered solely by Chaotic Energy.

Despite the fact that Demons wanted a less hostile environment in the UnderWorld, it is still a society, so scams and theft are commonplace with no law enforcement to handle the situation(s). Demons have to take matters into their own hands and handle the situation themselves.

Most residents live in the city, more commonly in "apartments." Overall, the residents had developed culture, social norms, traditions and many other things to bring a sense of unity. The most important aspect of the city is the hierarchy system based on the actions of when you were born. Demons with the worst actions are the top of the Demon society, while those that did petty crimes are considered the bottom.

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Sangre Castillo of Mugen Tòngkǔ

Outside of the city, in the middle of the Bloody Ocean is an island that consist of a castle referred as Sangre Castillo of Mugen Tòngkǔ. Hades, the current ruler of the UnderWorld, lives in this domain. He rose to power after the fall of Lucifer and secure the box that contains Lucifer deep within the castle and heavily guarded so no one can "mistakenly" release him. In the Bloody Ocean, there is that dangerous and powerful beast lurks in the dark waters. If you are not careful, you can be devoured by these dangerous beasts.

The most important rule of UnderWorld: If Demons leave UndeWorld, they need to return to their realm within a few days. If they failed to return, they would be permanently banned as they are now affected by other types of energies and no longer held the title "Pure Demons." Hades added this rule universally to avoid UnderWorld of being under attack and preserve balance.

Notable Information
  • Only Chaotic Energy Exists in this realm.
  • Deimos cannot live in UnderWorld.
  • Pure Demons can only exist in this realm.
  • Angels/Holy Figures cannot live in this realm.
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Death Hurts

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